Let’s Not Confuse Homemaking with Maid Service..

In this day and age (oh my God, I sound old) there seems to be a bit of confusion in a lot of households about who does what.

I see it and hear about it and yes, I even live it. Moms, and especially stay at home Moms, are now being confused with a 24-hour maid service.


I am a homemaker. I love being a homemaker, I love everything about it. The time spent with my family, the freedom to homeschool my children, the cooking, and to a certain extent, I even love the cleaning. But we have to put our foot down somewhere.

Full disclosure here, I’m about to get real. Currently, my children’s bathroom very closely resembles that gas station restroom that everyone is afraid to use. You know what I’m talking about. The  “I’m afraid to touch anything in here bathroom, wear your flip flops in the shower bathroom”.

They just never clean it! Well, at least not until I go all “Mommy Dearest” on them,  because, you know, I can only deal for so long. I refuse to clean it for them. They are all old enough now that rinsing the tub shouldn’t be as hard as scaling Mt. Everest! And heaven forbid, wiping the toothpaste out of the sink..

We won’t even discuss the bedrooms. We won’t go there.

The problem seems to be that, for a lot of homemakers, we get busy and stay busy all day, and we forget to get our kids involved in the day to day responsibilities. Because don’t lie, it’s easier to just do it yourself, right? Well sure, that is until they have watched for so long without participating, that they begin to expect that you will do everything and they don’t have to.

Then things begin to quickly snowball, to the point of almost no return. You’re the servant now. The Mommy maid service.

Okay, as a homemaker we HAVE to have a servant’s heart, yes, but we cannot send a message of “you don’t have to lift a finger”!

If I were to have a guest show up at my door on any given day (don’t you just love unexpected company..), they would almost certainly think to themselves, “My God, this woman never cleans!”, and see, right there, they would be totally wrong. Could you imagine the dust, dishes, dirty laundry, floors etc. if Mom never cleaned?! And that right there is the confusion between homemaker and maid.

Are you following? Does any of this sound remotely familiar?

We’re working on it here. Implementing chore charts and the whole nine yards. Sometimes just making myself remember to slow down and TEACH them how to clean the tub and put away their own laundry can take half the day, but they have to learn, and so do I.

Homemaking does not mean maid service.

We’re getting there. How about you?





4 thoughts on “Let’s Not Confuse Homemaking with Maid Service..”

  1. I feel you on this one. I have three boys using one bathroom and OH MMM GEE it is nasty 1 day after I clean it. I have started making them clean it. Maybe they will be more careful about their aim when they are the ones having to clean up the toilet. Sorry that you are in the same boat!

  2. I totally relate..three boys (ages 6 and under) and I teach 3-year-olds at preschool. My oh my, the mess kids make, and somehow I’m always the one cleaning up – haha! We have a new rule in our house that if toys are left out on a “clean up day” then I assume you don’t want them and they’re going in the trash. We’ll see how it works!

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