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Dressed For Success: Before & After Motherhood

Remember back in the day, before you entered the world of motherhood, what dressing for success looked like?
Full makeup, carefully coordinated outfits accessorized perfectly, ready to take on the day and put your best foot forward. Yeah. I remember those days…

Then suddenly, I find myself standing in line at the grocery store where I am almost always lost in my own little world, trying to visualize the shopping list I left at home.  Counting and recounting the kids to make sure they’re all there, and explaining repeatedly why “you can’t have that.”

But from time to time in those rare moments when I can slip out of the house for a quick trip by myself, I have much more time to, what’s it called…oh yes, hear my own thoughts!

It’s during these all too rare solo shopping trips, that I become hyper-aware of everyone around me. Most likely due to the fact that after 20 years of “momming”, my brain is now hardwired to work overtime focusing. And as a parent, I’m probably a little too observant, out of habit of course.

I can step back and get a glimpse of the world around me, which can be hilarious and be revealing all at the same time. I can easily spot “myself” in the crowds multiple times and simultaneously decipher approximately what stage of life people (specifically moms)  are in.

We, of course, do not all experience the same things at the same times, but you can get a general idea.

I remember when I became a mother to my first child, there was not a day that missed getting dressed and putting on my makeup. Even with the exhaustion of having my first newborn, I wouldn’t be caught without “my face on”, especially at work!

Soon enough, baby number two made their debut, and I found myself only “going all out” with my looks when I knew I would be leaving the house…then baby three…and four…and finally baby number five.

By the time baby five arrived, I had already mastered the messy bun before it was even a thing!

At one point during this not so flattering transformation, I got pretty down on myself with the typical negative self-talk I’m sure most of us are guilty of at one point or another. You know, the “I’m not pretty anymore, why even try”, kind of self-talk. Then on to the, “well I’m just too busy”, self-talk, and finally the realization that I was just not taking care of myself properly. The all too real phenomenon of moms putting themselves last all the time.

So now, with that realization, came another. Full makeup, carefully coordinated outfits with accessories or not, we are still dressed for success, but the focus has now shifted from our success to theirs.  And I’m totally okay with that!

Now excuse me while I go brush my teeth….four hours after already being up…